Community Emergency Plan

Community Emergency Plan:

During a major wide area emergency, it may be some time before responding organisations are able to offer assistance. By planning in advance, your town or parish council could help coordinate local response activities. 

The Community Emergency Plan (CEP) identifies local resources available and sets out a structure to follow in the response to an incident such as severe weather or flooding that might isolate the community.

In the event of a local disaster the Community Emergency Plan gives parishioners basic information on the incident to keep them informed, of course we hope that this will never have to be used but in any event we will regularly update the information on the website.


The link below will take you to the Yorkshire Water Website - Here you can find out what to do if you encounter flooding, who's responsible if flooding occurs and what Yorkshire Water is doing to help prevent floods in the future.

Telephone:REPORT A LEAK ** - 0800 57 3553 - Freephone

Telephone: CUSTOMER HELPLINE ** - 0345 1 24 24 24



Working Group Waterways Management:

Terms of Reference for a Working Group Waterways Management

RoD Meeting - 9th February 2019

RoD Meeting - 7th November 2018

RoD Meeting - 7th June 2018



East Riding of Yorkshire Council Offices:

County Hall


HU17 9BA

Tel: 01482 887700



East Riding of Yorkshire Council Call Centre

Tel: 01482 393939

Tel: 01482 393333


East Riding of Yorkshire Council Councillors in whose area the Parish lies:

Name:      Andrew Burton
Address: Stepping Stones
                 Church Lane
                 Seaton Ross
                YO42 4LS
Tel No:    01759 318140


Name:      David Rudd
Address: 48 Hawling Road
                  Market Weighton
                 YO43 3JR
Tel No:     01430 873708


Name:      Dee Sharpe
Address:  Brancville
                 Kilnwick Percy
                 Market Weighton
                 YO42 1UH
Tel No:     01759 305486


Neighbouring Parishes

Hayton and Burnby Parish

Chair:                                                                                               :

Clerk: Mr Chris Worrall, 26 Chapel Fields, Holme upon Spalding Moor, YO43 4DH.

Tel: 01430 860867


Londesborough Parish


Clerk:   Mr Chris Worrall, 26 Chapel Fields, Holme upon Spalding Moor, YO43 4DH.

Tel: 01430 860867


Millington Parish


Clerk:  Mrs Sylvia Sheard, Clay Cottage, Millington. YO42 1TX

Tel:      01759 304783


Warter Parish


Clerk: Mrs L E Jassar, The Old Vicarage, Warter. YO42 1XA



Pocklington Town Council


 Clerk:  Mr R Wood

 Tel: 01759 309851



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