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28 April 2014

Ms Evans reported that a meeting was held onthis date.

The building works is now finished and the landscaping completed. The 4 lodges visible from Kilnwick Percy have a belt of hedging and some trees planted.

The new planning permission applications will be for a Spa, but also now includes a gym and creation of another function room. KP will revisit the plans and keep members informed.

There are plans to erect signs again on the road to Warter, but were still in the planning stage, also to improve the signage to the entrance of the club to avoid people taking the wrong roads.

25 April 2012

Meeting notes from above meeting held number 1 held at Kilnwick Percy Golf Club at 3.30pm on Friday 2nd March 2012


Maggie Evans
Dr Peter Saunders
Martin Fawcett
Thorfinn Caithness
Martin George
Simon Dixon
Paul Hannon


Andy Burton
John Hill (Mike McCullen)
Dee Sharpe
Pre-meeting site visit – 3.30pm                                                                                     

As agreed the site visit was carried out at 3.30pm, committee members were shown the area to the front of the first phase of lodges, SD explained that KP would like to enhance the original landscaping scheme with further tree planting and an improvement of the driving range area.  It was explained that the soil in this area is particularly poor and therefore further topsoil would be imported to improve the condition for the new planting.

The old and new drawings were handed out at the meeting, generally everyone welcomed the additional screening this would provide to the first five lodges.

SD proposed that this work would take place as soon as possible in order for tree planting to be done before the end of the planting season.

The members hoping to review this work at their next meeting are:

Maggie Evans
Maggie Evans
Dr Peter Saunders       
Martin Fawcett
Thorfinn Caithness
Martin George
Simon Dixon
Paul Hannon


Community Liaison Meeting – 4.15pm

Item 1

SD welcomed the members and a short discussion took place whereby all parties aired their views that there was some ground to make up in terms of trust and understanding.  All were committed to using the liaison group to build on this relationship over the coming months.

Item 2

Apologies as above

Item 3

TC discussed the role of the liaison group, it was confirmed that the intention of this group was not one for formal decision-making but was an opportunity for views to be aired and though the group may not always agree, at the very least it would establish better lines of communication to discuss future developments at The KP.

It was also agreed that the forum would not use opinions or views externally to favour any position i.e. it would not be communicated ‘the liaison group is in favour of this scheme’

The implementation of the liaison group and its operation was one of the planning conditions set out in the current planning permission; this condition can now formally be discharged following the implementation of the Community Liaison Group.

Item 4

A discussion took place regarding the group composition; it was queried as to why Cllr Rudd had not been invited as a Local Ward Councillor.  SD agreed to find out why Cllr Rudd was not invited and assured the group that he would be invited to all future meetings. 

Upon further investigation with Pegasus Planning it seems that unfortunately due to an administrative error Councilor Rudd was missed from the invitation list for which we sincerely apologise.  Sarah Mustill at Pegasus Planning has assured us that Cllr Rudd will receive a letter of apology and a copy of these minutes; Sarah has also confirmed that Cllr Rudd will be invited to all future meetings.  It was also agreed that Paul Hannon the General Manager of KP should attend each meeting. 

The group discussed phase 2 developments and it was agreed that when works commence and a main contractor has been chosen, a representative of that company would attend the liaison meetings.  It was also agreed that the East Riding Council kept
their attendance to the meetings for the time being however TC advised that he was unfortunately leaving the council and therefore Andy Wainwright Head of Strategic Planning would provide a substitute. TC to advise when appropriate.

It was felt that the Community Liaison Meetings should be arranged as and when required, the next meeting will be scheduled for mid April when an update can be given on the landscaping to the front of the lodge development, this may possibly tie in with the start of phase 2. 

Venue agreed as The KP. SD chaired the meeting it was suggested that Mike McCullen would be offered the role of Chair at the next meeting.

Item 5

The plans have been submitted and a plan of the additional planting to the front of the lodges was circulated to the team.  This work is to commence immediately.

Woodland Management
A discussion took place regarding the woodland management scheme, it was explained that over a twenty-year period phased removal and re-planting the whole of the existing poor woodland would be renewed. 
This work is to be in line with the Forestry Commissions approval and they will be invited to inspect any phase of works.  SD confirmed that we would certainly not be removing 20% of the woodland per annum, as this would have a detrimental effect on the setting and backdrop of the KP club.

It was confirmed that before any further construction work took place a final methodology statement needs to be submitted in line with the previous ecology reports.

A lighting plan was circulated with the group and will now be submitted as part of the discharge of planning conditions.  SD confirmed that he was keen not to have any high level lighting or indeed bollard lighting which had been unsuccessful on phase 1.  The new lighting plan uses LED rope lighting (warm white) that will follow all of the paths and roads and be inset into the kerb detail in an effort to reduce light pollution. 
Any other business

A few points were raised, ME queried why our website talks about permanent residency at KP, SD was unaware that such a comment was on the site and confirmed that permanent residency was not an option – SD to review why this has been marketed.

Another point was raised over the height of the wall; all three Kilnwick Percy residents expressed concern that KP guests sometimes exit the club without stopping at the junction.  One solution being to reduce the height of the wall and another to implement give way road markings inbound into the KP entrance.  SD felt that the current planning
Appeal needed to run its course however once it had he would be amenable to reducing the height of the wall.  With regards to the road markings SD would seek a quotation and look to implement as soon as possible, this can then be monitored to see if this situation is improved.

The next point raised was with regards to the spotlight in the car park, this light was installed due to a reportable H&S issue on site, Paul Hannon stressed that The KP try and keep the light off certainly when the business is not in operation.  Two solutions were discussed and will be reviewed before the next meeting, one was to move current spotlight so that it points back into the car park, thus reducing glare into open countryside, two was to repair and increase the level of rope lighting to see if this was sufficient enough to turn the spot light off. 

SD discussed with the team that were looking to install some signage on the boundary leading up to the entrance as it is felt that guests arriving are unfortunately misled by the brown tourist sign as it still has Kilnwick Percy Golf Club rather than ‘The KP’

Rear Extension to Glasshouse
SD handed out plans that were at a very early stage that would incorporate building over the open service yard to the rear of the building.  Unfortunately as the business has grown unsightly steel containers have been erected and it was felt by SD that aesthetically an extension would be more in keeping with the overall development.  We agreed to keep the group informed as and when it would be put forward for planning.

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