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March 2015
While we met requirements for agenda and minutes to be published, there are additional data requirements under section 2 / 2.1 such as expenditure information and annual   financial / audit information,  that we do not currently provide.

Our next meeting is the AGM so we won't have time to talk about this, but it will have to go on the following agenda for discussion.  This code will be a legal requirement and the timetable is very tight, so we will need to establish a  procedure and timetable to ensure we meet all of its requirements.  I have forwarded the code to give us all plenty of time to read and understand how this will affect our PC and website (notice boards are not really mentioned, perhaps they are viewed as old fashioned?)



The cost of heating fuel is very high at the moment and seems most unlikely to get any cheaper.  This is an issue particularly for rural communities such as ours, as we have limited alternative fuel choices.  The Parish Council has now established an oil co-operative for local residents, as a means of saving 3 to 5p per litre on domestic heating fuel.  This works by bulk buying, so oil companies deliver to several properties in one area at a time, reducing their delivery costs which they can pass onto customers.
Oil orders are processed via email, as using the telephone or writing letters would take too much time and be too expensive. An organiser will contact residents to determine the volume of oil required and then contact local oil suppliers to get the best deal available for residents.





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